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Modular what? All you need to know about modular homes


There has been a lot of chatter about the Australian housing market lately. As the economy-at-large continues to show signs of stability, many people are considering building. This number is especially significant amongst first time homebuyers. Recently, loans to first time homebuyers...

5 Home Value Trends in 2018


For the past couple of decades, Australians have been watching house price increase rapidly. With the continuous rise, many have cautioned about the possibility of a bubble. Some have even started to feel that the inevitability of a bubble is already starting...

I’m in My Twenties – Should I Invest?


Moving house is exciting, but it can also be an intense lesson in juggling competing priorities. For months you may have to contend with a nagging feeling that you’ve forgotten something—if only you could remember what it was! Key Points By investing...

Investing 101: What You Need to Know


Key Points Know your financial assets, options, and the time you can contribute to a business’ growth. Build wisely by investing in assets comparable to your risk level. Keeping your money strong and working hard is the key, don’t let it sit...

New home? Take these 5 steps for a hassle-free move


So, you finally found your new place and now all you have to do is move in. Sounds easy enough, right? After considering your current home’s full furnishings, decor, clothing, appliances, random knickknacks, and keepsakes – moving might seem more daunting of...

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