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5 Strategies For Successful Property Investment


Property investment is an attractive business venture for its simplicity. Like a classic game of Monopoly, you acquire properties, market them to tenants, and collect rent. If you get it right, it’s a hearty source of passive income and a tangible material...

6 Questions to Ask Before You Buy Your First Apartment


Buying a property is very exciting! It’s even more exciting when it’s your first property. If you are looking to buy an apartment, as opposed to a family home, there are several additional considerations to be aware of. These 6 questions to...

10 Inexpensive Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value


For most people, a home is the biggest investment you will ever make. With that, it’s important to protect your asset. But even more so, it is important to grow your home’s value to truly see the financial benefits of homeownership. Unfortunately,...

Looking to Rent? How to Verify a Property Owner


While it’s easy to get consumed with location, size, and cost when looking for your perfect rental, make sure that you also consider the person you are renting from. Landlords have many resources available to them to help them determine the suitability...

Generate Passive Income in the Comfort of Your Own Home


As the gig economy becomes more prevalent across Australia and New Zealand, many people are looking for extra opportunities to piece together a comfortable living. And while most side-hustles involve trading time for money, there are a few opportunities that generate passive...

Buying Your First Home? Read This First!


Buying a new home? How exciting! Nothing quite compares to the anticipation of dreaming, looking, and finalising the purchase of your first home. This is a wonderful time in your life! As you contemplate all the choices you have for a first...

What to Look Out For When Comparing Home Loans


Home loans are a complicated subject, especially for first-time home buyers. What’s the difference between variable and fixed interest rates? Do I need an offset account? What’s the story with mortgage insurance? Add these questions to the fact that there is a...

Is Home Owning for Everyone?


Many of us grew up with the idea of the Great Australian Dream. We idealised home ownership as a means to a better life and security. And considering that 69% of Australians are homeowners, that dream is still alive and well.    ...

Spring Cleaning Dos and Don’ts


Out with the old, in with the new. Spring cleaning is the once-a-year ritual of sweeping, sorting and decluttering. Our homes become shiny and new again, in preparation for the new year. Spring cleaning is an important part of keeping our homes...

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