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Indoor/Outdoor Styling: Here’s How to Get it Right


Ever returned home from the beach or a forest hike to find your indoor environment rather strange? You’re not alone. Human beings are solar creatures. We thrive in the sun and studies have also shown that being outdoors is good for us....

Finding your interior design style


It can be easy to get buoyed along on the high seas of fashion, particularly when it comes to interior design. With furniture retail giants like Ikea and Harvey Norman offering us easy and modern solutions for the home, many of us...

8 Red Flags For Lenders When Looking At Your Home Loan Application


“Let’s talk about finances” isn’t exactly the most popular phrase spoken at Friday night knock offs. The reality is, it’s important. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to your friends about why you got rejected on your home loan application, here’s a...

Transform a Room in Minutes: 5 High Impact Design Solutions


During an annual spring clean, many of us look around and notice that our home’s aesthetic also needs a bit of a makeover. But renovations and splurges on new furnishings can be timely and costly procedures. Sometimes, we just want to enhance...

Choosing the Perfect Sheets for Spring


You know you’re growing up when you get excited about buying new sheets—but let’s be honest, it’s hard to beat a good night’s sleep. You’re wrapped up in your sheets for a third of your lifetime, so it’s worth getting good ones....

10 Easy Ways to Warm Up Your Home This Spring


Feeling a little blah when you walk through the front door? Your home might need a revamp, and spring is the perfect time to hit the refresh button. Here are 10 ways to warm things up and feel that homely love again....

12 Colour Combinations to Refresh the Home This Spring


There is no denying that colour plays a pivotal role in determining the tone of a room. Colours can make a room feel warm or cool, bright or dull; by combining certain colours you can transform your home’s uninviting spaces into places...

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