10 Easy Ways to Warm Up Your Home This Spring


Feeling a little blah when you walk through the front door? Your home might need a revamp, and spring is the perfect time to hit the refresh button.

Here are 10 ways to warm things up and feel that homely love again.

Create a focal point
Picture this. You get home after a long days work. You’re stressed, tired and a little sniffly from the change in season. You walk through the door and see your loved ones gathered around the living room laughing and sharing stories. (Cue smile here).

You can create this warm, fuzzy feeling by simply re-shifting your furniture to make a focal point. Position chairs, couches, ottomans and whatever else you have in the living room to face the coffee table. If you don’t have a coffee table or are looking to upgrade, consider a circular one. This encourages everyone to gather closely in the one spot. It might be a small change, but it could transform your entire household dynamic.

Extra tip: Keep sweets on the coffee table. That’s sure to attract everyone.

Spring essentials
Essential oils, that is. Add the aromas of spring into your home to lift spirits naturally. Citrus, rose and chamomile make warming memories of picking fruit off trees and wearing flower crowns. Add a few drops in a diffuser or try a few more drops in the washing machine for blushing-good smelling laundry.

Get outside
One of the best things about spring is the additional room to the house, outside. There’s no better lighting then the spring sun, colour palette than the garden or aroma than the flowers.
Hania, from leading online retailer, MyDeal, says, “the warmer seasons are synonymous with outdoor entertaining, so get ready for summer by investing in quality outdoor furniture. By having plenty of seating options like benches, lounge chairs and stools, you’ll be able to create a truly lively and warm space for spring in which guests can mingle and relax.”

Welcome to the woods
There is no such thing as too much wood. With a variety of finishes and tones, wood brings a warm cabin feel with coastal vibes. Add it to the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, living room, outdoor living area; anywhere. The rich tones and natural consistency means wood on wood never loses impact.

Warm up the lighting
Imagine if golden hour lasted longer than, well, an hour. We have good news for you. If you change your lighting, it totally can. Embrace the warm springtime light and replace bright fluorescents in favour of softer LEDs. How did we not think of this before?

Add some spark
Nothing says warm and cosy like a fireplace. Unfortunately, it’s too hot for such madness in Australia, which is why candles are the next best thing. Scatter your home with the romantic blocks of wax and let the aromas set the mood.

Get steamy in the bathroom
Entering a new season is exciting (especially when it’s spring) but the change in the air can cause serious stress on your skin. Try this stimulating home DIY floral bath soak at least once a week to help hydrate and strengthen skin as well as ease muscle and joint pain. Oh, and it looks oh-so pretty sitting in the bathroom.

Spring floral bath soak

4 cups epsom salts
8-10 drops jasmine essential oil
8-10 drops lavender essential oil
1 tbsp dried lavender
2 tbsp dried chamomile
4 tbsp rose petals

1.    Mix epsom salts, died lavender, dried chamomile and rose petals in a bowl. Add the essential oils and mix well.
2.    Transfer mixture into a large mason jar. Add approximately 1 cup to a hot bath and enjoy!

Go natural
Warm, earthy colours can make a large room appear more intimate and homely while remaining modern and sleek. They’re neutral enough to be paired with bright décor yet can blend in with natural materials like stone, wood or marble.

Get arty
A room surrounded by bare walls can create a cold and uninviting space. The solution? Art. And don’t stop at paintings. Get creative and hang mirrors, plates, clocks, shelves and ornaments to suit your style. The impact wall art has on a home is underrated. It’s welcoming, warm, creates character and can be easily swapped and changed giving a room a fresh new look without spending a cent.

Bring the outdoors in
Who doesn’t adore indoor plants? Not only do they look good, natural greens bring a soothing vibe as well as an abundance of health benefits. For warmer results, green-ify your home in a dramatic way. Think foliage lined shelves, succulent centrepieces and pot plants in every corner.

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