10 Genius Storage Solutions for A Small Bedroom


When it comes to space, too much is almost never enough.

For one, we tend to accumulate a lot of stuff over the years, which means we need more room to store it.

But more importantly, a clean and spacious room is so much more inviting than a cluttered one. Nowhere is this perhaps more true than in the bedroom—a haven to support rest and recreation.

While some would argue that the best way to save space in your bedroom is to become a minimalist, this strict lifestyle doesn’t come easy to everyone.

If you’re not ready to let go of the clutter just yet, here are ten intelligent storage solutions we’ve found so you can at least keep it hidden away!

1. Think of your bed frame as extra storage space.

We put things on the bed and under the bed, but do we ever put things inside the bed? Whether it’s slide out drawers under the slats or a headboard that also acts as a cabinet, we forget that the actual bed frame itself can function as storage space.

Hot tip: IKEA stocks a range of clever storage-friendly bed frames. Alternatively, if you don’t want to buy a new bed, there are plenty of DIY tutorials online on how to install bed frame storage space.

2. Maximise room in your wardrobe.

Aside from clothing, you can keep accessories, books, gym equipment, folders and other miscellaneous items in the wardrobe…but only if you make enough room. Add stick-on hooks to the back of your wardrobe door, then hang coats and scarves there, making more room for other things. You could also put a row of ‘S’ hooks on a coat hanger to hold folded pants by the belt loop, freeing up surface space.

Hot tip: Consider storing your out-of-season clothing in a box and keeping the box elsewhere in your home—perhaps in a hallway cupboard or under the stairs.

3. Hang up your shoes.

When lined up in rows, shoes take up a lot of surface room. Many of us store them under the bed or on the floor space of our wardrobes, but these areas could be storing other things instead. Use a hanging shoe caddy on the back of your bedroom door for hanging up your shoes.

Hot tip: You can essentially hang your shoes up on any door, and leave your bedroom door for hanging up accessories – like scarves or even chunky jewellery. Other ideal options include your bathroom door or your front door.

4. Float your shelves.

Standing shelves are easy to set up and place in your bedroom, but take up valuable floor space. Try installing floating shelves instead, and make use of the vertical opportunities in your bedroom. As a DIY project, it shouldn’t take much more than a drill, shelf brackets and screws to set up new storage space on your walls.

Hot tip: Shelves aren’t just for books. You might also keep souvenirs, framed photographs, jewellery boxes or even plants along your walls.

5. Elevate your bed.

The piece of furniture that takes up the most space in your bedroom is probably your bed. By elevating it off the floor even higher, you free up a significant amount of room underneath.

You can purchase ‘risers’, which attach to the heels of your bed and elevate it to the height you prefer. Then, you can store clunky possessions underneath, like suitcases, extra blankets, sleeping bags or even camping equipment.

Hot tip: A bunk bed is not for everyone, but if your bedroom is particularly small and you live alone, you might want to consider it. This could enable you to enjoy a full working desk underneath, and free up space in the rest of the bedroom for furniture items like a wardrobe or dressing table.

6. Install a clothing rail under your bookshelf.

If you’d like to free up even more space in your wardrobe after following step #2, you could always install clothing rails under your bookshelves. Relocate clothes to these rails to create more storage in the wardrobe. Again, the more space you have in your wardrobe, the more items you can neatly store away.

Hot tip: Clothing rails could also be attached under a desk or dressing table to hold short pieces that won’t touch the floor, such as folded jeans, dress shirts or tank tops.

7. Buy hanging fruit baskets.

When we think of hanging baskets, we’re most likely to think of garden plants or the fruit baskets many people used to have in the kitchen.

But what about the bedroom? All it takes is some strategically placed ceiling hooks and a couple of hanging baskets from your local Bunnings, and you have a new storage solution that doesn’t take up any floor space.

Hot tip: Only lightweight items should be stored in the baskets to minimise the risk of one dropping on your head! You could use them to store socks, hats, underwear, scarves or even your favourite monthly magazines.

8. Sit on your storage.

If you have a desk or a dressing table, you most likely already have a chair in your bedroom. So why not use it as a storage device as well? Such stools can be purchased from IKEA or online, and are suitable for storing items like vinyl records, papers, personal files or weekly newspapers.

Hot tip: If you’d like to keep the basic four-post chair you already own, you can simply place a box underneath for storing certain items. If you want to hide the box, it might be a smart idea to drape a soft blanket or mini tablecloth over the chair. As a plus, this could also work to enhance your bedroom’s decor!

9. Downgrade to a single bed.

Something to consider if your bedroom is very small and you live by yourself: exchanging your double bed for a king or queen single. You may prefer a double bed because of the perceived comfort of being able to sprawl out, but many of us actually stick to one side while we sleep, anyway!

Hot tip: A good night’s sleep is probably the most important thing that a bedroom can give us. Only think about changing to a different bed if you also need to use your bedroom for other activities, such as study, exercise or work. That way you can figure out if downgrading your bed for the extra space is worth it.

10. Upgrade your technology.

Video consoles, desktop computers, sophisticated HI-FI systems…as nostalgic as some of our older technological devices make us, their bulky size is not ideal for saving space. Upgrade your technology to slimmer, smaller versions to create more room on your desk and shelves for other items.

Hot tip: If you like to listen to music in your bedroom, Bluetooth speakers or speaker docks take up much less room than radios or large, high-end speaker systems.

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