10 Tips to Decorate a Pinterest-Worthy Baby Room


It takes nine months to grow a baby, but can you decorate a stylish and practical nursery in that time? It sounds like a simple task, but there are so many choices that sometimes having a baby might seem easy in comparison!

Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. These 10 tips will help make decorating fun, plus it’s a great way to spend quality time with your partner before the new addition arrives.

Here are 10 steps to a Pinterest-worthy (and stress-free) nursery.

1. Make a Mood Board

Baby room decorating tips 101: get crafty and create a visual mood board. This is the first step if you want a well-planned and colour-coordinated nursery.

Of course, there’s an app for that. Our favourite is perhaps the most popular: Pinterest. Search for baby room inspiration, create your own boards, and piece together your baby’s room all in one place. It’s easy and fun, but watch out, because hours can pass before you realise it!

2. Choose a Theme

Once you’ve got a visual of all your favourite bits and pieces, you can determine a theme.

Some trending gender-neutral themes to consider include:

Great Outdoors. Think flower walls, wooden furniture and foliage-inspired wallpaper.

Safari Sanctuary. Kids adore animals, so the more the merrier. Add animal prints, toys, wallpaper, stickers, bedding—basically animals everywhere.

Dreamy Sky. Clouds, rainbows and stars are a popular theme for baby room decorations.

Nautical Nursery. Watercolour prints, elegant driftwood and timeless navy stripes are adorable for babies and adults!

3. Find Your Colour Palette

Your theme will have a big influence on the colour palette, but don’t be afraid to try something new. The monochrome movement is massive, as is stripped-down Scandinavian styling.

Inspired by contemporary decor and clean lines, these colour tones include white, greys, and splashes of wood to make a warm, cosy yet fresh and stunning space for your bub.

On the flip side, playful graphics are making a bold statement in the nursery scene. Geometric designs are popping up on rugs, wallpapers, cushions and bedding.

This concept even has science behind it, as research suggests vibrant patterns could help stimulate your baby’s vision and send strong signals to the brain.

If you’re after a calmer space, pastels are always a winning colour scheme for relaxed bubs and sweet dreams.

4. Go Green

Still undecided? Go green. Its associations with nature can have a serene, calming effect on the body and mind.

Go further and add some indoor plants to your baby’s room. They can help purify the air and even promote better sleep for your newborn.

5. Don’t Be Afraid of The Dark

Babies can be pretty switched on. For example, they know daylight is for activities and darkness is for sleeping. (They know this, but that unfortunately doesn’t always mean they sleep through the night!)

To encourage baby to sleep, add heavy or block out curtains to the windows. Block out doesn’t mean dark and grungy, either. Get inspired by Spotlight’s range of block out fabrics.

6. Go Soft on The Lighting

Dark rooms can go two ways; creepy dungeon vibes or cosy and peaceful. We hope you’re after the latter option. You’ve got block out curtains, but try installing a light dimmer to set a sleepy mood.

Fairy lights, string lights and flower lights also add a fun and whimsical glow.  

7. Embrace Texture

Not keen to experiment with different textures in other areas of the house? The nursery is a great place to play around with new ideas.

The baby’s room can get away with weird, wacky combos while still looking cute and inviting.

Here’s an example: a leather ottoman on a fluffy rug alongside a timber rocking chair with a chunky rope-weaved blanket. Layering textures can look eclectic yet effortlessly put together.

Plus, babies love to touch. The more textures, the more entertainment.

8. Less Is Best, Except When It Comes to Storage

Babies don’t need much room, but you might be surprised at how much room their stuff needs.

There’s the cot, changing table, bibs, burping cloths, nappies, more nappies and the endless amount of clothes from every aunt, grandparent, cousin and friend—and that’s just the beginning.

Keep the nursery simple, but invest in clever storage solutions. Here are a few stylish storage ideas:

  • Cane baskets for toys and clothes
  • Hang blankets on a decorative ladder or hooks
  • Use a large dresser instead of a changing table
  • Use bookshelves for more than books

9. Rock On

Rocking your baby to sleep has been a home remedy for decades, and the classic rocking chair is here to stay.

Modernise the motion with a cane hanging chair, swing chair or hammock. You and your bub will love rock o’clock.

10. Hit the Walls

Consider the baby room your studio and the walls your canvas. This is the one room in the house where you can let your inner child go wild: wallpaper and temporary fabric stickers can completely transform a room into an Insta-worthy backdrop.

Framed art and wall hangings make charming additions to a room’s overall look without taking up valuable floor space. Remember the height chart you loved as a kid? Paint one onto the wall for years of memories to come.

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