12 Colour Combinations to Refresh the Home This Spring


There is no denying that colour plays a pivotal role in determining the tone of a room. Colours can make a room feel warm or cool, bright or dull; by combining certain colours you can transform your home’s uninviting spaces into places you never want to leave.

When you think about refreshing your home, people naturally look at their wall colours.

If you’re someone who doesn’t want to pay for painters or commit an entire weekend to painting a room, a great alternative is furniture and plants. Use these pieces as an opportunity to add some lively colours that can give the room a new look.

To determine what colours can refresh your home, remember that the use of multiple complementing tones can bring a new, uplifting feel to a room. It helps to have a look at the colour wheel to get an idea of where to start.

Colours that are next to each other can complement, while those directly opposite each other can contrast. Play with the options to find a combination that works for you. Here are twelve of our favourites!

Fuchsia and Soft Blue

Pairing shades that are far away from each other on a standard colour wheel creates colour discord. Though perhaps not ideal for large spaces, this colour combination can create a vibrant atmosphere when used in small amounts.

White and Terracotta

If you truly want to bring life to a blank canvas, the perfect way to make a whitewashed room feel refreshed is by contrasting it with a particular colour detail in an unusual way. Earth colours like terracotta and neutral tones can provide soothing accents in a room.

Orange and Butter Yellow

With two such bright colours in the mix, it is important to break up the space to maintain a good flow, as well as to prevent jarring. Both colours sit alongside each other on the colour wheel, and as both are classified as warm colours, there should be no doubt in the success of this combination.

Red and Yellow

These colours are a perfect way to bring warmth to your home. Both situated near each other on the colour wheel, and allow for a beautiful combination. Break up the space with plants to provide pops of green.

Green-Blue and Citrus

With these two colours being neighbours on the colour wheel, this combination of greens and yellow makes for serene living space. Add patterns and texture to create interesting layers in the room. You can also punctuate the space with fresh white accents to contrast the bold colour choice.

Turquoise and Orange

If you’re looking to create a dynamic space, choose complementary hues directly across from one another on the colour wheel. Pick one hot shade and one cool shade to make the space truly great. Even though these colours portray different moods, you’ll soon find that opposites really do attract.

Peach and Off-White

If you’re not looking to make a bold clash, you can experiment with more neutral colours to give you a similar effect. These delicate blush shades break up the walls effortlessly without screaming for attention. To truly accentuate these colours, introduce white and rich-grained wood tones.

Blue and Cream

Not every change has to involve repainting your walls. With this colour combination, slowly introducing it through art or hydrangea flowers can have a wonderful effect.

White + White

White as a focal point is not uncommon, but when you’re pairing it with all-white furniture you run the risk of creating a sterile space. The trick to truly enjoying an all-white room, without it feeling cold or unwelcoming, is by combining the harsh white with natural textures; for example, white wooden floors or a rustic iron white bed frame.

Spearmint and Denim Blue

If you’re looking to create a space with a cool refreshing vibe, adding a hint of mint can make all the difference. Pairing it with a denim blue fabric  can create a laid-back feel. You can also try adding spring greens or crisp whites for a low-key vibe.

Chartreuse and Pink

Chartreuse is an unusual colour choice—this bright colour is half green, half yellow—but it works when used sparingly. Rather than making it the dominant colour, mix it with bursts of pink and white. The final result is an upbeat, cheerful look great for a kitchen or kid’s room.

Earth and Charcoal 

Black is a big statement in any home. Use too much and you can make the room feel smaller than it really is. But by adding earthy or woody tones to the harsh colour, you can create more dimension.

Trying to determine the right colour palette for your rooms can be confusing, especially if you don’t know how or why certain colour combinations work. Use these suggestions as a starting point, then experiment with some of your own!

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