5 Creative and Inexpensive Ways to Jazz Up Your Home


Most of us are not interior decorators, so it can be a struggle trying to find ways to spruce up our homes—especially on a budget. We look in home improvement magazines with photos of beautifully decorated and perfectly arranged home interiors and wonder, “How much did that cost?” and “Could that work in my home?”

Not only does adding a little flair to your home make it look more presentable, it can significantly improve your mood. You’d be surprised to learn there are some really neat ways to make your house look and feel more charming without breaking the bank.

Here are five simple ways to update your home without having to hire Martha Stewart to do it for you.

Put Up a Herb Garden

This is a cool and practical addition to your home that you’ll love. Herb gardens can be small and out of the way, especially if you decide to hang one on the wall or on a shelf.

What we love most about herb gardens is that you can really add your personality to the look, from the types of herbs you include to the types of labelling you use to identify each herb.

In our herb garden, we used beer pint glasses to hold each herb, and painted the front of each glass with chalkboard paint so we could easily write down and identify each herb. After buying all the materials including the glasses, the glass holder, the herbs, and the dirt, it cost us about $30.

Paint Your Doors

For whatever reason, we’ve all accepted that interior and exterior home doors should default to some shade of white. Doors take up a significant amount of space when looking at a room or entrance to your home. Why do we let our doors take up so much white space?

I recommend considering your favourite colour and choosing a flat version of that colour to paint your doors. There is no right or wrong colour to choose, but it should be based on the kind of statement you are trying to make (e.g. red for bold, grey for subtle).

The average cost of a can of paint is around $45 and you shouldn’t have to use an entire can—unless you live in a mansion.

Update Your Light Fixtures

Considering the fact that a light fixture is often the centrepiece of a room, its style should reflect the overall atmosphere you are trying to create. If you look up at your light fixtures and find that they are fairly flush up against the ceiling with a common or underwhelming shape, it could be time for an update.

If you’re stuck on ideas for light fixtures, go to your nearest lighting or interior store and look around. Usually, they’ll have plenty of light fixtures displayed to give you a better idea of what would look great in your space.

Although it’s pretty easy to change a light fixture on your own, we can understand having hesitance in doing so since electricity is involved. You can pay someone about $75 to replace a light fixture for you. You can purchase a nice, simple light fixture for less than $100.  

Whichever you decide, the update will be worth the cost.

Replace Kitchen Cabinets, Drawer Knobs & Pulls

Some of the most overlooked renovation opportunities include knobs and pulls to kitchen cabinets and drawers. This is probably because knobs and pulls aren’t normally seen as accents to kitchens. However, replacing knobs and pulls can make a kitchen pop if you pick the right ones.

Replacing cabinets can be very expensive, so updating those old knobs and pulls can do wonders to your home without the need to take out a ridiculous loan. We paid about $45 dollars to replace all of the knobs and pulls in a medium-sized kitchen. Some of the more popular finishes are satin nickel, chrome, and bronze.

Create a Stencilled Wallpaper Effect 

Wallpaper can often be expensive, so a good alternative is using a stencil to create neat designs on a drab wall. Find a stencil with a suitable design that covers a large space. Stencils typically cost around $45 each, not including the cost of whatever interior paint you decide to use.

Final Thoughts

If you decide to try all of these options in your home, you can probably knock it all out in less than a weekend. Consider the spaces in your home that you feel are most in need of attention and start there. Enjoy!

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