6 Interior Apps to Build Your Dream Home Visually


People tend to be intimidated when it comes to designing their home. They might hire a decorator to avoid the headache of selecting pieces on their own.

No need to fear – today, it’s easier than ever to design an amazing space yourself. There are countless apps available that help you gauge the dimensions of a room and get a preview of how specific additions will look.

Here are six of the most useful apps available for Android and iOS.

Once you put these apps to use, you’ll start to see how easy it can be to complete interior design projects yourself.


Adding art to the walls is a fantastic way to brighten a room. Unfortunately, it’s hard to tell whether a piece of art will be a stylistic match for a particular room.

Curate is a free app for iOS that helps tackle this problem. In this app, you upload a picture of your desired wall. After that, you can place some virtual art on the wall to see how you like it.

You can add dimensions to your room as well to make sure the painting will be proportional to your room. If you’re looking for the right piece of art to tie a room together, Curate is a fantastic option to get a perfect fit.

Home Design 3D Gold

Home Design 3D Gold is an app for those who are building a room or home from the ground-up. It will give you a sense of the dimensions before you start changing things around or building.

This app is a must-have for anyone who is spending time, effort, and money redesigning a home or space.

You can put furniture in the area, remove walls, and create anything you want. If you don’t plan on changing rooms to the scale of this app, you can always use it to see how pieces of furniture will fit into place.

The Home Design 3D Gold is only available on iOS for now. You can find it for $9.99, but that’s a small price to pay if you’re designing an entire room from scratch.


BrightNest is a complete design app that helps you create your dream interior through personalised tips and reminders.

You can find this app on both Android and iOS for free. After filling out some specifications in the app, they’ll send you personalised design tips to help you make the most of your space.

If you have trouble remembering some of the menial tasks we all forget, BrightNest will help you remember. They’ll tell you when it’s time to clean the bathtub again or change the batteries in the smoke detector.

Whether you want regular reminders, interior design inspiration, or some helpful articles, BrightNest has you covered.

Houzz App

Making sure a new piece of furniture will fit in your room is one of the most challenging elements of interior design in your home.

You have to take measurements, account for a bit of space, and double-check to make sure you didn’t make any mistakes.

When you finally receive the piece of furniture, it’s not uncommon to find out there was some discrepancy in size.

One feature in the free Houzz app takes care of this problem. When you shop for items through the Houzz Shop, you can check their dimensions in the target room before you buy.

When you find a piece of furniture that interests you, click the ‘view my room in 3D’ option. The selected furniture will appear with your room in the background.

With this, you can tell if the furniture will be the right dimensional and aesthetic fit for your particular room. This feature saves a ton of hassle, especially if you find that it’s not the right piece for you.

Colour Capture

Creating the perfect colour for a room can be a chore. If you see a colour you like on another wall or a painting, it’s often difficult to recreate it yourself.

Adobe Color Capture is the solution to this problem. The free app for Android and iOS allows you to take colour inspiration from a variety of services, copy it, and recreate it on your own.

If you like a certain colour or texture you see, snap a photo and bring it to your design platform.

Colour Capture is compatible with several software programs, and allows you to create your interior colours from scratch.

iHandy Carpenter

iHandy Carpenter is one of the apps that turns your smartphone into a virtual toolbox. You don’t need to go searching through your garage for a level or steel ruler when you have the iHandy app for iOS or Android.

The iHandy Carpenter app is supremely accurate and will give you the ability to correctly mount paintings, TV’s, and other wall hangings without bringing out the toolbox.

The Interior App for Your Needs

There’s an app for almost every aspect of interior design, from choosing colours to placing furniture. It’s easier than ever to take control of your design preferences with some of these apps.

Interior design can seem daunting when you’re tackling a project by yourself. Don’t get intimidated by measurements and colour schemes. All you have to do is download a couple of these apps and get designing!

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