7 Quick Tips: How to Sell Your House, Stat


Selling your home can be stressful at the best of times, but adding a short time frame creates a whole new challenge.

If you need to sell your house quickly, breathe. It is possible to speed up a sale without compromising on price.

Here are all the quick tips and big tricks you need to know on how to sell your house quickly. Now let’s get moving!

1. Get the Price Right

Setting a reasonable price is the first thing you need to do before putting the ‘for sale’ sign up.

Get your house evaluated and determine an accurate asking price. It will put you in a much better position to sell your home faster.  

But don’t stop there. Do your own research: find out the sale prices for other homes on the street, track house price trends and check market forecasts.

2. Ask the Tough Questions

A real estate agent with knowledge of the neighbourhood and good negotiating skills will do wonders for a speedy sale, so it’s important to choose the right one.

Before you say yes to the agent, ask these important questions:

  • Does the agent have experience selling in your neighbourhood? If so, what prices have they achieved?
  • What price do they recommend to market your house?
  • Have they had experience in quick sales? If so, how can they help sell your home quick?
  • What media outlets will they use to market your property?
  • Will they hold open homes?
  • What extra fees do they charge?
  • What is their commission rate?

3. Damp Proof Your Home

If you think the price is the biggest factor deterring house hunters, think again. 

Turns out dampness is the biggest turn off for potential buyers, according to a new study conducted by Privilege Home Insurance. It may sound minor, but dampness can make a home look and smell unhealthy and downright uninviting.

Luckily, there are solutions for the problem of dampness in your home. You can install a physical damp-proof course to the bottom of your home, creating a total barrier against rising damp.

Ventilation also does wonders to air out damp smells. This is especially vital in the bathroom. After hot showers or baths, make sure you open windows and doors to ventilate the damp air.

Chemical injections into the lower part of the walls will settle inside the walls, creating a waterproof layer. Finally, you can add dehumidifiers to affected areas in your house.

4. Declutter

Spring cleaning isn’t solely for spring. A cluttered space not only looks messy, but it makes the room appear smaller.

Start by donating the excess items you no longer need to charity shops. Store keepers that you don’t use year-round, like ornaments, toys, and books. Hide clothes, shoes, food, and beauty products behind their cupboards.

Put unnecessary furniture in storage to create more space, but remember to make it look livable. Unused space is a big turn off, especially for families.

5. The Power Of Photos

More than 98% of house hunters start their search online. Those statistics make online marketing a must. But if you need to sell your house ASAP, you need to stand out.

So what do people look at first? Photos. It’s vital to invest in a professional photographer to get the best shot at drawing the audience in.

But it’s not all up to the photographer to work their lens magic. Make sure your house is photoshoot ready. Clean windows, plump up cushions, straighten curtains, and don’t forget to make the bed!

6. Temporary Beautification

Putting your house on the market is like putting it on stage, so make sure it looks its best. Take the time to make your house look good, and it could pay off in the form of a quick sale.

A few time-saving fixes include:

  • A fresh coat of neutral paint to make rooms appear brighter and bigger. Neutral colours help house hunters envision how their furniture would look in the space.
  • Make any necessary repairs such as cracked paint, holes in walls, chipped tiles, or broken door handles.
  • Make the house sparkle. Clean tile grout, wax wooden floors, deep-clean carpet and don’t forget to dust.
  • Replace any broken light bulbs. You want the house looking as bright and fresh as possible.
  • Scrub the kitchen sink with baking soda and water and make sure all dishes are clean and put away.

7. First Impressions Count

The first thing potential buyers see leaves an important impression while they look around the rest of the house. So you want to make it good.

Make sure your front yard and front door are in tip-top shape. Gurney the driveway, repaint the front door or simply mow the lawn.

Plus, ensure the first sight when you open the door looks bright, clean and welcoming. It could set the mood for the entire house.  

Quick Tips To Go:

  • Hang up large mirrors to give the illusion of more space.
  • Add fresh flowers to the house.
  • Make sure your spelling and grammar are correct on all marketing. Research suggests that real estate ads without any spelling mistakes sell three times faster than those with errors.
  • Spread the word that you’re selling. Tell your friends, friends of friends, colleagues, neighbours, newsagent, everyone. You never know who might be interested.
  • Use social media to get the word out.
  • Upload your online adverts on Friday. House hunters often look on real estate websites on Friday to plan their weekend of open homes.
  • Turn lamps on in dark corners.
  • Give possible buyers a takeaway file to keep your house in their minds. Ensure you highlight the key facts, show photos, and contact details.

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