8 DIY Ideas to Improve Your Interior


Winter home improvement is inherently limited. You can only do so much when the temperature is below freezing.

Fortunately, it’s one of the best times of year to work on the interior of your home. Ahead, we’ll take a look at eight DIY interior decor ideas to spice up your home this winter.

Create a Tile Counter-top

Adding tile to your kitchen or bathroom counter-top is a fantastic DIY room decor idea for those who are looking to improve those rooms while staying on a budget. Complete counter-top reworks can be expensive, but adding tiles is easy and cheap.

You can decide to stick with modern trends and choose a universal tile design or make people stop and look by adding multiple types of tiles. The decision is up to you, which is what’s so great about DIY projects.

Add Some Crown Molding

Adding crown moulding to a room will take a couple of days and requires that you clear out most of the items and furniture in the room. Still, it makes a perfect project for those cold winter days when you just want to stay inside in the heat.

Crown moulding does a lot for the room and is perfect for injecting life into a dull, boring wall.

Adding crown moulding isn’t isolated to the walls, though. You can place it around shelves as well to make them appear to pop out of the wall

Installing crown moulding on your shelves is a lot easier than placing it around an entire room, and it’s a job you could complete in a single day.

Paint Your Stairs

Interior stairs don’t tend to get a ton of love when it comes to DIY room decor. WIth a few coats of paint and a simple design, though, you can transform a boring staircase into bright, attractive interior risers.

Like a lot of these suggestions, this recommendation gives you room to personalise your design. Create a pattern, add two colours, or do something wholly unique with your painted stairs. Just make sure you don’t have to go upstairs for a bit while the paint dries.

Add Some Floating Shelves

Choosing wall decorations can be a balancing act. Hanging pictures and art on the wall is a great place to start, but why not add some floating shelves to diversify your decoration options?

Floating shelves are a trendy DIY room decor option that doesn’t take too much effort or planning. You can decide how long and deep you want them to be, depending on what you plan on storing on the shelves.

Installing floating shelves is relatively easy as well. You can attach a mount to a wall stud, measure your shelves, and connect them appropriately.

Floating shelves allow you to switch-up your display on a seasonal basis, so making your room feel fresh is as easy as changing the decorations on your floating shelves.

Place a Wall Decal

Are you looking for a DIY project that won’t take too much time? A wall decal might be what you’re looking for.

Most of these decals are peel and stick, which means you don’t have to spend much time preparing or cleaning up after you’re done.

You can add a decal to the wall of any room in your house, but they’re particularly popular in bathrooms and bedrooms.

The best part is how easy these decals are to replace. You can switch out your winter decal for a summer one, or wait for the trends to change and choose a different one in a year or two.

Paint Your Furniture

Instead of having your furniture blend into the wall, make it pop by adding a new coat of paint. You can even use a stencil to create a unique design if you want to get creative with it.

Painting boring furniture is one of the small DIY room decor jobs that can transform the whole space. Choosing the right colour will actually make the room appear larger, and adding designs can take a cheap piece of furniture and make it desirable.

Rework Your Kitchen Cabinets

Reworking your kitchen cabinets will introduce new light into the room. This usually involves painting the cabinets a different colour than the rest of the room, but you can get a bit more creative with it as well.

If you want, you can remove the doors to the cabinets altogether. Paint the inside of the cabinets, so they don’t stick out (in a bad way), and let all of your guests see your dishes.

Of course, this strategy works a bit better if you have some impressive flatware. If you don’t want to show off what you have in the cabinet, you can always decide to paint the doors and call it a day.

Create Some Concealed Storage

Adding a cover to some of your storage – or even an entertainment area – is easier than you might think. Take some new or used fabric and cut it to the right sides.

Hem the sides, and leave enough room at the top to create a rod pocket. After that, you can create a stylish way to hide what might be a messy storage area.

This strategy is great if you have kids. It will put the valuables out of sight, so you don’t have to worry about a damaged Blu-Ray player when you leave the room for five minutes.

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