Benefits of an Indoor Purification System


Ever heard the expression of going outside to get some fresh air? Well, as it turns out, that is less of an idiomatic expression than a scientific fact. Even in relatively polluted metropolitan areas, indoor air can be deadlier than the pollution outside.   

When we think of air pollution, we often picture car exhausts, factory fumes, and sand storms. But the truth is—cooking smoke, fungal spores, paint chemicals, and other indoor pollutants could actually be worse for the air around us—and in turn, worse for us.

As a result of studies that confirm high level of polluted air indoors, Australian scientists are calling for more stringent measures to monitor indoor pollutants.

One method to regulate and clean indoor air pollutants is by installing an indoor purification system. These systems are relatively inexpensive and, while their ultimate goal is to make your home’s air cleaner, they also have several other benefits that you will notice immediately!

Pet Smells

We love our pets, but don’t necessarily love the pet smells. Even daily vacuuming and cleaning is often not enough to keep out smells associated with our furry family members.

What’s worse? We grow so accustomed to the smell of our house that we essentially become nose blind to the odours coming from our dogs, cats, birds, etc.

To ensure that your home is free of pet odours without having to work tirelessly and fruitlessly, consider getting a purification system.

Air purification systems will eliminate airborne pet odours and leave your house smelling fresh.

Airborne Allergens

Allergy sufferers often find that there is no relief from their symptoms of watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing, and coughing.

Outside is home to tree and grass born pollen, which irritates sensitive nasal passages.

And inside, allergy sufferers have to deal with the invisible mold spores, dust, and any pollen that we bring in with us.

The horror! But there is an solution.

Air purifiers help to rid of all of those invisible allergens inside the home and lead to better sleep, less headaches, and less sinus infections!

Cooking Odours

The delicious smells that come with cooking are often some of the best parts of the activity. The warm and sweet smell of baked goods, the savoury smell of sauteed garlic – they all add to the whole experience of cooking and eating.

However, when those delicious smells linger in your home long after the food is devoured, they turn into off putting odours that make your house feel unclean.

Smells can be good, odours are always bad.

Even worse, what about those cooking disasters? Burned popcorn? Oil on the stove top? Those cooking smells are immediately off putting and can hang out in your house for days – sometimes even weeks!

Furthermore, cooking releases several chemicals that can be detrimental to your health.

While you can try to cover cooking smells with spray and candles, you will only be adding to the chemical release in your house, and you will likely leave your home smelling like burned strawberry popcorn.

An air purification system is a much better solution.

Purification systems can eliminate the odours associated with cooking and significantly decrease the harmful chemicals floating around your kitchen and house.

Cigarette Smoke

Everyone knows that smoking and second-hand smoke is bad for your health. And the best way to avoid the dangerous effects of smoking is to eliminate the source of the smoke.

But, what do you do if there is a smoker in your home that is not ready to quit?

While a purification system won’t totally eliminate the risk of inhaling second hand smoke, it will greatly reduce the occurrences of second hand smoke in your home. Furthermore, it will help reduce the insidious smell of cigarette smoke in your living areas.

Airborne Viruses and Bacteria

Our houses are often a haven for viruses and bacteria. We spread illnesses through the surfaces we touch and they end up floating around in the air. This is why when one person in your house is sick, you can expect others to fall ill as well.

While the best ways to deter the spread of illness are washing your hands, getting recommended vaccines, and disinfecting surfaces; adding a purification system can also help eliminate airborne viruses and bacteria in your home.

With an efficient and correctly placed air purifier, you can help catch viruses and bacteria before they ever have the chance to spread and infect you and your family members!

Air purification systems are absolutely necessary in helping reduce the pollution in our homes. At the same time, they can help reduce smells, allergens, and the spread of sickness.

However, not all purification systems are creating equally. Make sure that you outline your goals in purchasing an air purification system and buy one that has the capabilities to meet those goals. You also want to make sure that your purification system is placed in an appropriate spot in your home where it is able to have the greatest impact. For example, in the kitchen or main living area.

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