Best Money Saving Apps of 2018


We all know we should be saving money, but sometimes it seems like such a chore. Cutting coupons takes forever and having money left over at the end of the month for a savings account doesn’t always go as planned.

Well, it’s 2018 and as with most things, technology is here to make saving a lot easier.

So if you’re already an avid saver, or are looking to start a new habit, check out our list of the best money saving apps for 2018.


Do you shop online? Of course you do.

And anyone who makes many of their purchases online is leaving money on the table if they are not using Honey.

Honey is an app that automatically finds coupon codes for you when you’re shopping online. It also applies those codes for you when you check out.

We can all attest to spending way too much time looking for a coupon code to save a few bucks on an online purchase, and the fact that Honey automatically does that for you while you shop makes this app not only a money saver, but also a time saver!


And what should you do with all of that extra money you save with Honey?

Use Digit to help you store it!

Digit is an app that calculates how much money you can afford to set aside to save everyday. Then, it puts that amount into a savings account for you.  

And the cool thing about this service is that the amount you save automatically adjusts based on your income and spending habits – and Digit comes with a no overdraft guarantee, so you never have to worry about them pulling out money you don’t have.

So in essence, you don’t even need to consciously change anything about your life to start saving money – and, you don’t even have to think about it!


Another great way to save money without having to think about it is with the Acorns app.

Acorns takes your card purchases and rounds them up to the nearest dollar. It then takes your spare change from the purchase and invests it for you!

Who knew it could be so easy to get involved in stocks?

With this service, you get to pick your investing profile based on your level of risk and you get to watch your money grow through your smartphone!

Level Money

The Level Money app works to help you know how much expendable money you have.

A lot of people already track their expenses based on expendable money and base their budgets off the projected amount. However, these people generally rely on spreadsheet and note taking.

Level Money takes all of that manual work and human-error risk out of your money management.

Level Money connects to your various accounts and downloads your transactions. It also asks you to create a plan in which you input your income, bills, savings, and other expenses.

With all of that information, it lets you know how much money you will have each day, week, or month.


Pocketbook is another money management app, but this one was created specifically for Australians!

Like other money management apps, it links to your bank accounts and keeps track of your spending. However, Pocketbook is cool because it categorises your expenditures in categories like, groceries, bills, and travel.

And unlike Level Money, which only downloads your transactions daily, Pocketbook works more in real time and allows you to set spending limits.

The spending limits give you a countdown, letting you know that you are getting close to reaching your max.


TrackMySPEND is a free budgeting app available thanks to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

And while the underlying premise of this app works a lot like Pocketbook, it does not download your transactions automatically. However, you can upload a spreadsheet of your spending to the app or input your daily spending as you go.

Like, Pocketbook, TrackMySPEND allows you to set a spending limit, which it will track for you as the days, weeks, and month goes by.

But this app also has some added features that could help with your money saving and budgeting that might not be present with other apps like:

  • The ability to separate needs from wants
  • The option to create a favourites list
  • The ability to set spending limits for various categories
  • The ability to create text message expense reminders


Splitwise is a money and (potentially) friend saving app.

It’s a great tool for those who are looking to manage and save their money, but have the added obstacle of having to split expenses with another person.

It’s perfect for those in a roommate situation, cohabitation, and could even work for some married couples.

But Splitwise has other applications: it can even be used to help split and settle the bill when you go out to lunch with friends.

It does this by tallying up which person paid what portion and sends reminders to others in the group when it’s time to settle debts.

It allows you to pay and receive money through PayPal and Venmo, making money transfers easy to make and track.

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