Get Crafty With the Kids This Halloween: 10 Spooky DIY Decorations

Halloween and Australia go together like Twinkies and Vegemite. We’ll leave the Twinkies to our pals in America but as for Halloween, it’s a celebration too good to pass. Tricks, treats and dress ups, what more could you want? So fill up the lolly jar and get in the Halloween spirit.

Here are 10 fun, easy and oh-so-spooky DIY decorations to get crafty with the kids this Halloween. 

Bloody Handprint Clings

It’s the stuff horror movies are made of, and you could have it in your own home this Halloween.

While the kids should stick to G rated movies, these bloody handprint clings are fun for all ages.

If you’re still not convinced little Freddy should be making bloody arts and craft, just think of it like finger painting. Just fewer rainbows and more “tomato sauce stains”. Simply click on the titles of each DIY decoration to to see full instructions! 

Trash Bag Spiderwebs

First of all, we prefer to use the term ‘rubbish bags’ but these DIY spiderwebs are too fun not to share.

It’s cheap and kid-friendly but the best part about Fast Forward’s tutorial is the bonus tips.

For example; get the kids to make a couple of spiders with felt or card to place on the webs.

And a hot tip for the big kids, don’t drink too much wine while you’re making them or you’ll screw it up.


Floating Witch Hat Luminaries

If you want to take arts and crafts to the next level, let there be light.

Watch the little one’s eyes light up as you turn the switch on these floating witch hat luminaries.

You can hang them up in creepy corners of the house or get creative outside by hanging them in trees, on the veranda roof or wherever!

Pineapple Jack-o’-Lanterns

Jack-o’-lanterns are a must, but pumpkins aren’t.

For a sweet Australian twist on the Halloween favourite, try carving a pineapple.

They’re in season, deliciously fruity and seriously spooky.

Plus, you can keep the insides for a fruit salad or tropical flavoured punch.

Paranormal Portraits

How would you describe black and white portraits with glowing eyes?  

One word: creepy. But to make them creepier (yes, it’s possible) print out portraits if your guests. That’ll sure give them a shock walking in the door!

Yoga (Eye) Ball

Remember that yoga ball you bought ages ago with all intentions to use it for, well, yoga?

It’s time to dust off the spider webs and finally put it to good use.

Cut Out and Keep can’t give you advice on yoga positions, but they can show you how to transform a yoga ball into a giant eyeball.

The kids will love painting a massive eyeball and who knows, it could just give you a friendly (and creepy) reminder to use it more?

Ghost Leaf Bags

If only there was a DIY craft decoration that wasn’t messy… well, this one cleans up the rest.

These clever ghost leaf bags get kids to clean up the yard all while getting crafty.

It’s officially possible to get the kids excited about chores.

Packing Tape Ghosts

Beware: these decorations are next-level scary.

You’ll frighten every trick or treater, man, and his dog with these awfully real-looking floating ghosts.

Pretty my Party has 10 ways to make every kind of packing tape ghosts from hands to feet and even hanging bodies… eeek!

Tissue Box Monster

A cold and flu can be scary at the best of times, but over Halloween it’s monstrous.
Let the kids imagination run wild as they create monster faces from empty tissue boxes.
Tissue, anyone?

Spooky Paper Lanterns

This has to be one of the most simple DIY decorations in the history of Halloween.

All you need is paper, scissors, glue, a ruler and stapler.

If you don’t have these on standby, do you even have children?

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