Get Festive: 8 Ideas For Decorating Your Home This Christmas


Not getting into the Christmas spirit is like going to a fancy dress party in your normal clothes—a missed opportunity for fun!

You don’t have to compete with the neighbours in a fairy light shine-off. Just add a few delicate touches here and there to give a modern, charming and festive vibe to your home.

Here are 8 decor ideas to light up your house this Christmas.

1. Ombré Pinecone Wreath

If you’ve never embraced festive decor because it clashes with your simplistic interior, check out this ombré pinecone wreath.

Rustic meets nautical with the layers of pinecones painted in different shades of pastel blues. Not a fan of blue? Choose whatever colours match your interior design.

All you need is a grapevine wreath for the base, spray paint in three different shades of blue (or your colour of choice), a hot glue gun, glue sticks and pinecones. Lots of pinecones.

It’s the perfect addition for a splash of festive spirit in a sleek, stunning home.

2. Wine Cup Santa

Wine and crafts, anyone?

Chances are you’ll be using your wine glasses a lot in the next few weeks. After all, it is the festive season.

Decorate your wine glasses to look like mini Santas with this easy tutorial using acrylic paint, paint brushes, rubbing alcohol and of course, long stem wine glasses. Not keen on painting up your existing wine glasses? Buy a cheap set at the beginning of the season, then pack them away until next year.

It’s a cute way to put all of your guests in a festive mood.  

3. Sparkle Branches

Transform your home into a mystical oasis with glowing branches. These sparkling beauties make the most stunning chandeliers, and they’re so easy to do.

All it takes are some string lights wrapped around a big branch – so simple yet stunningly effective. Just be sure to choose a pretty branch and clean it off before you bring it inside!

In fact, why be restricted to Christmas? Incorporate the sparkle branches any time of the year for some extra light as well as setting the scene for Insta-worthy dinner parties.

4. Toilet Roll Tube Advent Calendar 

Yes, you read correctly; we said toilet roll! Turns out toilet roll tubes make gorgeous pillow-shaped boxes that you can fill with goodies.

All you need to do is wrap the rolls in colourful scrapbook paper—nobody needs to know where they came from. You also get bonus environmental points for repurposing existing items!

5. Colourful Wooden Block Christmas Card Holder

In today’s connected world of social media, never underestimate the power of pen and paper when it comes to true human connection.

Yes, we’re talking about Christmas cards. They may be old school, but getting a card in the mail is far more exciting and thoughtful than receiving a Facebook notification.

Plus, Christmas cards make festive decorations—especially when done right.

Make this gorgeous wooden block card holder to display your Christmas cards from wood craft blocks, acrylic paint, gold sticker letters and brass jewellery wire.

6. Sweater Christmas Tree

Got a Christmas sweater from the office secret Santa but you’re not game to actually wear it? Put it to good use and make mini Christmas trees from the fabric.

All it takes is a foam florist cone, hot glue gun, small piece of cardboard, star cookie cutter, pen, one toothpick and the star of the show: the Christmas sweater.

This tutorial suggests using festive ribbon, but we suggest tearing that sweater up. Please.

7. Copper Pipe Centrepiece

Consider yourself a handyman/handywoman? Impress visitors with this industrial-style copper pipe centrepiece.

Not your average Christmas decoration, this rustic centrepiece is the perfect addition to Christmas lunch, dinner and every other festive celebration you can think of.  

It also makes a great talking point, especially when you mention you made it!

8. Star Lights

Christmas lights are a given, but starry lights take things to a whole new level. All you need is a few sheets of white craft foam, a Stanley knife, cutting mat, string lights and white spray paint.

Hang your DIY galaxy along windows, drape it over the balcony fence or zig-zag along the wall to create a statement with the simple click of a button. This would also look great in a child’s bedroom after the holidays!

Decorate This

Getting crafty over Christmas is a fun, budget-friendly way to get into the festive spirit, plus it keeps bored kids busy over the holidays.

The Christmas code of decorations is simple: the more, the merrier. Christmas is the one time of year where overdoing things is impossible. Unleash your creative side and go wild!

Decorate as much as possible. From the stylish home DIY decorations listed above to little additions such as fairy lights wrapped around trees outside, candy canes scattered around the house, and tinsel draped on everything.

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