How to Arrange a Small Living Room to Maximise Space


Having a small living room often feels like a massive constraint. You probably can’t add all the furniture and designs you want to, and it can be a bit discouraging.

Small rooms don’t have to be a burden, though. Constraints just mean you have to get a bit more creative to work around them.

That’s why we created a list of ten small TV room furniture arrangement ideas. You’ll likely find a few you can use in your own living room!

Choose Smaller Furniture

Choosing three or four different types of small sofas, loveseats, and chairs will maximise the space and make it look larger than it actually is.

If you decide on a medium-sized sofa and chair that take up the entirety of your room, it’s going to feel more cramped and congested than it should.

Adding various types of small furniture items gives you more freedom in how you arrange the room, allows you to mix and match, and creates a more interesting, varied design that utilises all the nooks and crannies available.

You can move everything around until you get the perfect small TV room furniture arrangement you were looking for.

Utilise Hidden Storage

Adding some form of hidden storage is a must for small TV room furniture arrangement. A small, hollow table or a couch with some pull-out storage will do wonders for your interior design.

A small living room means there’s no space for clutter. You can’t have documents, books, and other items strewn about. Use some form of hidden storage to get rid of this clutter and maximise your available space.

Make it Snug

“Snug” isn’t always a compliment when it comes to living rooms, but working with the space you have is the name of the game.

Instead of spreading everything out to try to make the room seem bigger, lean into the small space by placing the furniture closer together.

All you need is a small couch, chair, and small table. You likely won’t be hosting parties in the room anyway, so bring everything together for a comfortable feel.

Play with Light

Allowing light into the room can open it up substantially. Not everyone will have the luxury of multiple windows in their living room, but those who do should make the most of them.

Use light curtains and shades to help the light enter the room – even when they’re shut.

Folding Chairs

It’s difficult to fit an excess amount of seating with most small tv room furniture arrangement strategies. If you find that this is the case for you, there’s no shame in purchasing a couple of trendy folding chairs to place in your living room.

You can store these chairs in a closet, in another room, or under a large piece of furniture. Keeping some folding chairs onhand will give you a bit more versatility when you have guests over.

Add Some Plants

You might not think that adding items to a small living room will make it seem more spacious, but a touch of greenery actually can.

Plants draw the eye and make the space seem larger. You can place small plants behind couches or chairs or on small corner tables.

On top of that, you’ll improve the air quality and breathe more life into your living room by adding a couple of indoor plants to the space. Just make sure you position them, so they get enough sunlight.

Cover the Floor

Using a rug to cover the floor is another way you can add a few artificial inches to a small living room. Using small rugs will actually make the room seem smaller, so you should always choose floor-covering options where you can.

Playing with the colour of the rug can trick the eye as well, giving the perception of more space than there actually is. Bright colours make rooms appear more spacious, and solid designs reduce the “cluttered” feeling that patterns can create.

Utilise a Sectional

A sectional sofa (a lounge that comes in sections & can be put together) won’t work for every space, but it will for some. Covering a corner can be a fantastic way to add artificial space to a room, and a sectional is the perfect furniture piece for the task

Sectionals take up a decent amount of space, but they also seat multiple people. In some living room arrangements, a sectional might be the only seat in the room.

Make the Most of Each Piece of Furniture

We touched on this tactic above when we advised adding furniture with hidden storage, but this tip goes a little further.

Using stools, nesting tables, and ottomans will utilise the space in your home while also adding multiple functions. They can be footrests, traditional tables, or added seating if you have guests.

Mount the Lights on the Wall

Mounting lights on walls saves valuable space in any room. By doing this, you won’t have to stick to a traditional end table to hold your lamp if you don’t want to.

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