Interior Inspiration for Long, Narrow Lounge Rooms


For most people the lounge room is the centre of the home. It serves as an entertaining area, and a space to lounge and relax with family or friends. But unfortunately for some, the living room isn’t always generous in space. Long and narrow rooms can be an effort to lay out and decorate, let alone live in.

Ahead, we’ve listed a few little tricks you can implement to make your long room more desirable and functional:

Create Separate Zones

Not everyone sees this but long rooms can be a blessing in disguise. Instead of having an awkwardly laid out living room, try breaking up the space into smaller living areas.

Along with your lounge area you have the opportunity to use the space for a completely different purpose. You could potentially have two different seating areas, or perhaps the combination of a seating area and a study or breakfast nook.

An easy way you can accomplish this division is by using area rugs or art. If your goal is to establish different areas within the same room, place the art in relation to the furniture rather than just slapping it up on the middle of the wall.

Pull Furniture Away from the Walls

Keeping furniture away from walls will create a cosier seating area as well as a clear walkway.

Try to do this on at least one side of the room; pull the furniture away from the wall and float it in the middle of the room.

If you are trying to make it seem like the space is larger than it actually is, pushing the furniture against the walls is not the way to do it.

When furniture is pushed against the walls it doesn’t allow for much breathing room. Also, it can make the area in the middle seem cavernous.

By pulling the furniture away from the walls, it’ll not only make the room look bigger but also make the conversation areas seem more intimate, creating a better sense of balance.

Place Something Perpendicular to the Length of the Room

Instead of just having a lone couch against the wall, consider using two smaller seats placed perpendicular to the length of the room, or invest in an ‘L’ shaped couch.

This breaks up the long, narrow room and helps avoid the tunnel effect, which often means that these types of rooms resemble tunnels as there is nothing to stop the eye from one side to the other.

The proper furniture arrangement can really highlight the space in a long room, such pieces that have this effect include a chaise or corner sofa.

Use Vertical Space

Even though long and narrow rooms have an abundance of floor space, an effective way to lengthen the room is by utilising vertical space.

Draw the eye upwards by using pieces, such as armoires or bookshelves, or wall arrangements, such as art and photographs, that lead the eye all the way to the ceiling.

To create the illusion of height you can also hang drapes from where the wall meets the ceiling. Another handy hack to consider is using vertical stripes on walls or window treatments to help draw the eye up.

Work with the Middle

Even if you have a long room, the way to properly use the space does not involve filling the room with tonnes of furniture.

Utilise the space more effectively by having a furniture arrangement that focuses the design in the middle; this way, the sides of the room are left as open, but not dead, space.

Rooms that this method work particularly well in, include symmetrical rooms where the furniture can be centred around a window of fireplace.

Don’t Waste Space

When you are already limited for space in a narrow room, the last thing you want is to have clutter. Because the space is restricting, any unnecessary extra items can not only create tripping hazards but also make the room feel disorganised.

To avoid this design error, make sure that everything has its place and ensure to edit extra pieces of furniture; even something as simple as an added side chair can make the room seem cluttered.

As Coco Chanel once said, “less is more,” so instead of trying to make your living room a million different things, set your mind on one design and see it through.

To further utilise your space, wherever possible find items that can serve two purposes; a common one involves having an ottoman with storage inside.

Implementing one or more of these ideas will not only make your room feel more spacious but also allow you the opportunity to get creative with your designs and have fun.

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