Moving house? Be ridiculously organised with this all-in-one checklist


Moving house is exciting, but it can also be an intense lesson in juggling competing priorities. For months you may have to contend with a nagging feeling that you’ve forgotten something—if only you could remember what it was!

Once you’ve closed on your new property (congratulations!) it’s time for the house moving process to really kick off. Don’t stress—here is a detailed moving checklist that you can rely on. Scroll to the bottom for a PDF version that you can print off and use.

6 weeks before

  • Determine your moving date
    It’s time to pin down your D-Day. This is the day you’ll officially move into your new house, furniture, family, and all. It may or may not be on the same day that you receive your keys; either way you’ll need to arrange to pick those up in time.
  • Take the day off work
    Unless you’re moving on a weekend, you will need to take the day off work. Arrange this early and it’s one less thing to worry about.
  • Organise movers
    Whether you’re hiring a moving truck to drive yourself or the full moving service, now’s the time to book it in. Start by getting quotes from 2 or 3 companies, then confirm with the one you prefer.
  • Organise cleaners
    You may need to hire cleaners for your old place, your new home, or both. If you were renting, check with your rental agency as to what they require. Get quotes from cleaners, then book a time and day when the house in question will be vacant, but while you still have access.
  • Organise inspection with rental company
    If you’re moving out of a rental, you might need to book your move-out inspection. This is an important step in getting your deposit back.
  • Home insurance
    Don’t forget to arrange home insurance for your new home!

1 month before

  • Organise boxes and packing material
    If you’re not using full-service movers, you will need to get your hands on some moving boxes. These can be hired, purchased, or borrowed, depending on your budget and location. You’ll also need to secure some packing material for fragile items, like newspaper.
  • Arrange pet care
    Moving day is likely to be hectic, so it’s wise to arrange for your pet to be out of the way. Not only is it for your pet’s safety, but their mental health. Moving to a new home can be unnerving for a pet, so you should give them time to acclimatise after the moving part is done. Book your pet into a nearby kennel or a friend’s house for the duration of the move.
  • Arrange childcare
    If you have young children you may not want them to be involved in the move as it can be hard to keep track of them. Arrange reliable childcare for moving day.
  • Transfer utilities
    Contact your utility companies to arrange for a transfer
    of services to your new property. This includes power,
    gas, water, phone and internet services.

2 weeks before

    • Change of address
      Make a list of all the places you’ll need to change your address. Fortunately, much of this can be done online but it will still take some time. Some common address changes are needed for:
  • Bills
  • Bank details
  • Credit card
  • Insurance
  • Voter registration
  • Drivers licence
  • Rego
  • Redirect mail
    Contact Australia Post to arrange for a mail redirect. You might want to do this for six months or longer. There is a small fee for this service.
  • Start to empty your fridge
    Aim to have as little food as possible in your fridge and freezer when you move. Otherwise, you may struggle to keep them cool during the move.
  • Organise council rubbish pick up if needed
    If you’re getting rid of any large items like couches or electronics, you may want to arrange for a council rubbish pick up.
  • Get packing
    Pack items room by room, starting with items you won’t need over
    the next few weeks. Avoid putting too much weight in
    each box and remember to label each box when complete.
    For fragile items, label them as such on the box.

One day before

  • Defrost your refrigerator
    Empty, clean, and unplug your fridge to prepare it for transport.
  • Pack an overnight bag
    Anything you’ll need on your first night, pack separately for easy access. Think pajamas, toothbrushes, glasses, and underwear for each family member.
  • Plan dinner for moving night
    This could be as simple as ‘we’ll get takeaway’; just have
    something in mind because you’re likely to be hungry,
    tired, and sore—definitely not in the mood to cook!

Moving Day

  • Pay the movers
    If you’re using movers, don’t forget to pay them!
  • Check your old house
    Before you leave for the final time, double check everything in the house: turn off the power and water, and make sure all windows and doors are locked.

    You’re all moved in! Now relax, enjoy your new house…
    and maybe start to think about unpacking.

PDF Checklist

  • Grab your ridiculously neat, printable version of this checklist right here

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