Splashback Inspo: 10 Styles to Fuel a Flawless Kitchen Splashback Design


DIY renovations? Building a new home? Or perhaps you’re simply updating your kitchen’s interior.  
All routes lead to kitchen splashbacks.

A stylish splashback is key towards creating a stylish space. After all, the kitchen is the hub of the house.

Installing a new splashback is an easy (and budget-friendly) way to revamp your kitchen without forking out for a remodel.

Here are 10 Pinterest-worthy styles to fuel your kitchen splashback inspo.


No longer restricted to the classroom, chalkboards are a fun yet contemporary addition to the kitchen.

Left blank, the black background creates an edgy, minimalistic vibe.

But the real joy of having a chalkboard splashback is by adding, well, chalk.

Jot down your shopping list, recipes, quotes, reminders, anything.

It’s handy, fun and blends visual appeal with practicality.

Chalkboard Splashback

Mermaid Tail

Who would’ve thought tiles could look so enchanting?

Mermaid tiles – or fish scale tiles, scallop tiles, wave tiles, ogee drops, sea tiles and whatever else you might call them – bring a palette of shimmery greens and blues to the kitchen.

Drawing inspiration from the jewel tones of the oceans myth legend, there’s no denying mermaid tail tiles make a seriously stylish statement.

Mermaid Style Splashback


Wood and splashbacks don’t normally mix in the same crowd, until now.

Quality timber offering durability and heat resistance are key toward achieving a natural and practical finish.

Wood splashbacks do require regular oiling or waxing to protect against stains, but the effort is worth the reward.

Wood is timeless, warming and will give your kitchen a healthy and natural feel.

Wooden Splashback


This one is for the wine lovers (so basically everyone).

If you’ve got a stash of wine corks lying around, put them to good use and get crafty.

Simply cut each cork tube into three smaller tubes and stick each piece to the splashback wall so you can see a collage of little brown circles poking out.

The odd sizes will add texture and the colours will add warmth.

Warning: you will need a lot of wine corks.

Any excuse to open another bottle, right?

Cork Splashback

Chevron Tiles

Spots may dot in and out of fashion, but do stripes ever lose their vogue?

Stay timeless with long, stripe-like tiles otherwise known as chevron tiles.

Play with colours to create patterns or keep things simple with a neutral colour palette.

Chevron Splashback

Exposed Brick

The humble brick is so simple yet brings a brick-load of benefits.

The industrial look blends seamlessly with steel fixtures and fittings.

It will give your kitchen an effortless warmth as well as hints of retro and rustic vibes.

Exposed Brick Splashback


If you thought splashbacks were purely stylish walls, think again.

Open your mind (and kitchen) to windows.

The translucent splashback brings natural light in giving you a more open and fresh space.

Opt for tough, heat resistant glass and look at the world go by all while you cook.

Glass Splashback


From the vibrant streets of Morocco to your very own kitchen, add some eclectic zing into your life.

Morocco is renowned for its geometric shapes intertwined into colourful mosaics, and that’s just in one tile.

Mix and match tiles or opt for the same style for the entire splashback.

Either way, you’ll break free from boring and add a serious exotic touch to not only the kitchen but the entire room.

Moroccan Inspired Splashback


A little more on the pricey side, marble always marvels.

The bespoke look of rich, veiny marble works well with a neutral colour palette.

Or go large and blend marble splashbacks with matching bench tops.

Marble Splashback

Arabesque Tiles

Consider yourself a bit of a fashionista?

Say hello to arabesque, darling.

These delicately shaped, charming tiles bring sophistication and fashion to their surroundings.

Arabesque Tiles

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