The Great Christmas Debate: When to Put Up The Christmas Tree


It’s the age-old debate: when is the right time to put up the Christmas tree?

Shopping centres will tell you it was weeks ago while the Grinch will say never.

We’ve compiled a list of the pros and cons of the most popular times, and yes – we found a winner.

Read on to find out the best time to put up the Christmas tree.


Ummm, no. Just no.


The festive season has begun. Shopping centres are transforming into gold and red wonderlands while the latest Christmas movies have already made their way onto the big screen.

Most of us think it’s ridiculously too early (amen) but the reality is, now is the best time to start shopping for Christmas decorations.

If you didn’t load up on red and gold goodies last Boxing Day, you can still find some good deals leading up to the big day. Just start shopping early to find the best deals.

You’ll have time to shop around and the get the best deals on Christmas decorations.
It promotes you to think about Christmas shopping early and beat the December rush.

Extremely long wait till December 25. (We’re just thinking of the children).

First Sunday or First Day of December

Whichever advent calendar you go by – the first Sunday or the first day of December – it’s the most popular time to put up the Christmas tree.

The countdown has begun, so why not celebrate with lighting up the Christmas tree?

Signifies the start of the festive season.


If you plan on having a real Christmas tree, it may look a little sad by the time December 25 comes around.

12th Day of Christmas

Bing Crosby made The Twelve Days of Christmas a festive sing-along leading up to December 25, but in the olden days, the 12 days started on Christmas Day and ended on January 6. It was called the feast of the Epiphany and it celebrated the exposure of God incarnates as Jesus Christ.

Modern traditions have used the same notion, just pushed it forward to lead into Christmas Day.

The idea is to put the Christmas tree up around 12 days before Christmas Day and take it down the day after Christmas.

Pros: Putting a real Christmas tree up mid-December keeps it looking fresh come Christmas Day.

Cons: Mid-December is mayhem at the shops. If you need to duck out and grab some tinsel, good luck battling the crowds.

Christmas Eve

Prince Albert (Queen Victoria’s husband) is renowned for being the man who bought the Christmas tree into Great Britain culture in the 1840s.

Christmas Eve was the day to light it up, so if you’re a follower of the original Christmas tree timeline, keep Prince Albert’s tradition alive and pencil Christmas Eve in.

It keeps presents away until the night before Christmas. Meaning? No peeking.

It can lead to late Christmas shopping and preparations. Aka: stress.
You only get 24 hours to enjoy it. All that work to take it all down straight away, really?

The Verdict:

Now we know the history, reasoning, and pros and cons behind each date. So what’s the best time to light up the Christmas tree?

Answer: the same time as last year.

The best time to put up the Christmas Tree comes down to family traditions.

If your great grandma always put the tree up the first Sunday of December, why stop now?  

Family traditions are important to treasure over Christmas as they bring warmth and happiness.

Unfortunately, Christmas can lead to a lot of unnecessary stress.

Keep the magic in the festive season and stick to what works for you.

And remember, have a very merry Christmas.  

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