Top 8 Plants for Your Bedroom


Bedroom plants are a fantastic way to breathe life into a room. Not only do they purify the air in your room, but studies show that they make the occupants happier and more energetic through their presence.

You can’t stick any old plant in your bedroom and expect it to flourish, though. You need plants that don’t require direct sunlight or specific watering conditions.

Low maintenance plants aren’t too difficult to come by, so take a look at our recommendations for the best bedroom plants to add to your room.

Avoid the Over-watering Impulse

You may have the impulse to water your bedroom plant every morning and night before you go to bed. You’ll likely see a lot of the plant and think about watering it quite often.

Avoid this impulse if you want to keep the plant alive for a long time. It’s more common for a plant to die from overwatering than it is to see the plant die from a lack of moisture.

Additionally, indoor plants tend to leak. Make sure you protect your furniture and carpet by adding something beneath the plant to catch any excess water.


Mint is one of the best indoor plants for bedroom use because it can thrive without an abundance of light. It adds a nice smell to any room – especially the bedroom, and there’s a practical use for the plant as well.

You should be able to harvest mint from the plant as well as you treat it correctly. That means fresh mint tea, cocktails, salads, and any other recipes you can think of.

Parlour Palm

The parlour palm makes a fantastic bedroom plant because it can grow to fit almost any size you need. It’s one of the best indoor plants for bedroom areas that have a lot of empty space to cover since these plants can grow up to around seven feet tall.

You need to keep this plant near a window since it prefers bright, indirect sunlight. The parlour palm prefers high humidity but will grow just as well in the average humidity of your bedroom.

Keep the soil moist, then let it dry before adding more.

Moth Orchid

The moth orchid gets its name from the pedals of the flower that resemble the wings of a moth. These plants require a bit more than some of the other on this list, so it’s best to keep them near a window, so they constantly have direct sunlight.

The moth orchid blooms once every year and stays that way for at least a couple of weeks. They can grow up to two feet tall, so they’re one of the best indoor plants for bedroom areas with a lot of space to fill.

Moss Terrarium

A moss terrarium provides the ability to grow creative and interesting plant scenery in low-light conditions. You should position your terrarium near the window, but it doesn’t need too much light to thrive.

There are several options when creating a moss terrarium. You can purchase a kit online or create your own with very little ingredients. All you have to do is keep the moss damp, and it will grow to fill the space.


Begonias come in a wide variety of colours, so you can likely find one to match the colour of your bedroom. You could always pick a contrasting colour if you want something more eye-catching as well.

These plants are small and don’t require any direct sunlight. They’re very low-maintenance too, so you can keep the begonia by the window, water it occasionally, and enjoy the scenery.

Snake Plant

The snake plant is another low-maintenance option for bedroom plants. It looks great and only requires low light to flourish.

The snake plant prefers brighter light than your traditional bedroom might allow, but it can also grow well enough in low-light situations.

You won’t have to water it very much either, and the plant’s wide range of temperature preferences means it can survive the winter without any additional care.

Swedish Ivy

Swedish ivy is a great indoor bedroom plant for beginners since it doesn’t require much light or watering attention. The plant also thrives in a variety of soil, so you don’t have to take too much care when preparing your plant.

The Swedish ivy can grow quite a bit, so it’s best for hanging planters if you have one. You can add it to a standard pot, but it will probably overflow a bit.


Pothos is another of our recommendations for those looking for their first plant to add to their bedroom. The plant is extremely versatile and can live in almost any light and soil conditions.

Like a lot of the plants on this list, the pothos doesn’t require too much watering either. Take special care not to overwater this one. As one of the most low-maintenance plants on this list, you won’t have to worry about leaving town for a few days and coming home to a dead plant.

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