Transform a Room in Minutes: 5 High Impact Design Solutions


During an annual spring clean, many of us look around and notice that our home’s aesthetic also needs a bit of a makeover.

But renovations and splurges on new furnishings can be timely and costly procedures. Sometimes, we just want to enhance our homes without paying the big bucks or breaking our own backs in the process.

The good news is that this is entirely possible.

Fortunately, interior designers have let us in on a few simple design hacks that only take minutes to transform any given space.

Give them a whirl, and see just how stylish your home can be.

1)   Get rid of the clutter

This is by far the easiest way to make a room shine. What you want to do is turn your room into a blank canvas again, just like the way it was when you first moved in.

From there, you can re-add each element step-by-step, to create a more intentional and inspired space. If something isn’t functional, meaningful or just plain beautiful – it really shouldn’t be there.

This also presents a great opportunity for donating those little nick-knacks that could be better used in other homes.

(Mind you, does anyone really need a $2 snow globe?)

2)   Inject some life into the room.

Plants and flowers add colour and joie de vivre to a space, not to mention oxygenate our homes! They also make for quick and easy design projects, if you’re short on time.

Table tops, room corners and shelves all create ample surface space for the addition of living, breathing décor. So think about where it is in your room that this would look best.

Head to your local plant nursery and look for indoor-friendly plants that really stand out. The species you choose will depend on your favoured aesthetic. Some people like kooky baby cacti, while others prefer the graceful look of lilies or orchids. Whatever you choose, make sure it fits in with the design language of the rest of the room.

Hot tip: If you or your family suffer from pollen-related allergies, you can still use the beauty of plants to embellish a room. More and more interior design stores are now stocking highly convincing artificial plant replicas that also do an excellent job reminding us of nature and lending our space an organic style dynamic.

3)   Embrace cross-cultural design philosophies.  

There is much to learn about space and interior design in other corners of the world. From the Japanese ‘Wabi’ principle, which focuses on the value of rustic or aged beauty, to the Scandinavian preference for minimalism – endless bodies of cultural knowledge are at our disposal that we can glean world inspiration from.

A popular concept you may have heard of is ‘Hygge’ a Danish word that loosely translates as ‘cosiness.’ You could cosy up your room with soft-textured throw rugs, a handful of linen cushions or even just a bowl of fresh grapes lovingly placed as a centrepiece in the middle of your dining room table.

Or perhaps you’re concerned about the flow of light, space and energy in a room. In this case, the ‘feng shui’ philosophy can be your best friend. Sometimes, all it takes is a clever rearrangement of your furniture to boost the way a room looks and feels. Look into what works and what doesn’t, and experiment with the feng shui principles you come across.

4)   Emphasise the most important feature of the room.

The human eye naturally wants to rest on one thing at a time, without too much overwhelm. If you have too many design aspects in a room that are simultaneously competing for attention, you have a problem.

Create a more relaxed feeling in your room by choosing only one focal point.

For example, in the bedroom, it’s natural for the bed to be the focal point. Remove any colour or mess from surrounding areas, and jazz up the bed with statement bedding and a soft, warm lamp at the side. Keep the rest of the area minimalistic, and you’ll create a more tranquil bedroom space.

If an existing room is too bland, you could choose a piece of art as the focal point of attention. Quirky vintage sculptures or contemporary paintings can add gorgeous character to a plain space in a matter of minutes.

However you do this, make the sure the path the eye takes is traceable, and enjoyable.

5)   Play with lighting.

Light plays a fundamental role in giving our rooms a sense of spaciousness and warmth. From the tone of the lighting (i.e. warm and yellowy or clinical and bright) to the brightness, we can all afford to give the lighting in our homes a second thought.

So how do you jazz up the lighting in a room? The ways are endless…

You can try tinted lampshades, LED lights on the wall, floor lamps or even scented candles.

Our biggest source of light is, of course, the sun! Be careful about furniture-obstructed windows or heavy curtains, and ensure the flow of outside light is even and natural.

Over the course of our lives, we spend a lot of time at home.

It’s so important that we feel relaxed and comfortable in our personal space, and adopt an interior design that reflects our personality and lifestyle.

Implement these ideas today and transform your space from bland to grand in minutes…

…Without splashing out on interior design experts or cashmere couches!

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