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5 Home Decoration Trends That (In Reality) Don’t Work


It’s a classic case of Instagram vs reality: You’ve redone a room based on something you saw online, but the result was less than you’d hoped for. Unfortunately, once a room is decorated, you can’t swipe back. If you’re about to embark...

Big Ideas For Small Bedrooms: 10 Design Tips You’ll Love


Space—we don’t realise how valuable it is until it’s no longer there. Maybe you’re preparing to downsize, or perhaps you’re already living in a small apartment in the city. No matter what space restrictions you face, don’t let a small bedroom get...

Building Your Dream Home? Here Are 6 Things to Be Aware Of


Looking for your dream home can quickly turn into a wild goose chase. One home might have the right amount of bedrooms, but the wrong location. Another might have the perfect kitchen, but horrible bathrooms. Sometimes it seems like the only way...

Build a DIY Bamboo Greenhouse in 12 Steps


We’re all looking for ways to live a little bit greener and a little more economically. One of the best ways to achieve both goals, and add some flare to your yard, is to install a greenhouse. Greenhouses help keep your yard...

Get Festive: 8 Ideas For Decorating Your Home This Christmas


Not getting into the Christmas spirit is like going to a fancy dress party in your normal clothes—a missed opportunity for fun! You don’t have to compete with the neighbours in a fairy light shine-off. Just add a few delicate touches here...

Housing Market Downturn Expected to Continue in 2019


It’s been a tough year for the housing market. We had the royal commission expose dodgy lending practices within our banks, a slowdown in median house prices, and a lack of consumer confidence in the market in general. Now experts have come...

10 Tips to Decorate a Pinterest-Worthy Baby Room


It takes nine months to grow a baby, but can you decorate a stylish and practical nursery in that time? It sounds like a simple task, but there are so many choices that sometimes having a baby might seem easy in comparison!...

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