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A qualified Ratecomparison broker will assess your loan and will advise you within the next 24 hours how much you can borrow, the type of loan and interest rate applicable.
Once you've landed on a suitable loan option, we'll request any required supporting documents to submit your application.
After the broker has verified your information they will prepare the lenders application and compliance document for you to sign.
Once your loan is approved, the lender will send you your loan documents. The entire process will take approximately 4 weeks.

What lenders do Ratecomparison represent?

Ratecomparison represents over 25 lenders including all the major banks.

Our top lenders are:

Our top lenders - Rate Comparison

RateComparison is a FREE service - we work hard to negotiate a deal for you with the lender, and in turn they pay us a referral fee.

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