Loan Guides: First-Time Buyer

So, you’re thinking of buying your first home. How exciting! Get started by browsing our guides on entering the market as a first-time buyer. When you’ve brushed up on your knowledge, and you’re feeling ready to take the next step – compare rates here and speak to one of our friendly home loan advisors.


What does the RBA rate announcement mean for your home loan?

The Reserve Bank of Australia dropped interest rates to a record low of 0.1% on 3 November, making it an......

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Low Income Home Loan Guide

Low income home loans are designed to help people who want to buy a home, but have less income to......

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Should You Use Your Super to Buy Your First Home?

Feel like youre never going to reach your saving goals, and that the property market will be forever out of......

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Moving House? You Need This Checklist

Entering the home market can be daunting, especially if you dont have very much money in the bank. If you......

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New to Home Loans? Everything You Need to Know

Theres a lot to understand when it comes to home loans. If youre buying your first home, you might get......

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woman fixer-upper

Should You Buy a Fixer-Upper?

To some people, buying a fixer-upper first home sounds adventurous: its like staring in your very own episode of Hous...

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Home loan pre-approval

Home Loan Pre-Approval: What Is It, and How Can You Get it Quickly

Home loan pre-approval might seem like just another hoop to jump through on the way to home ownership, but it......

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Stamp Duty for First Time Home Buyers

Buying a house for the first time is extremely intimidating. Not only are you dealing with a bunch of terms......

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home loan top up

Homeowner’s Guide to a Home Loan Top Up

When money is tight, big purchases get put on hold. But some thingslike higher education expenses, a reliable car or....

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First Time Home Buyer Grants by State

Buying a home for the first time is a massive financial decision. It can seem like a risk even if......

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line of credit home loan

Line of Credit Home Loans: What They Are & How They Differ From Other Loans

A line of credit home loan is an easy way for you to access your home equity without submitting an......

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Buying a Duplex for Your First Home: Is it a Good Idea?

Buying a duplex as your first home is an option many people dont even consider. But if you buy smart,......

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Home Loan Brokers: What They Can Do For You

Buying a new home? How exciting! So, youve found the home you want to purchase, and its time to take......

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